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What Happens If A Minor Is Arrested, Steps You Should Take

As you’re aware, when an adult is arrested, he or she may be eligible to post bail and be released from court to return home until a court hearing. Bail is not available for arrested minors. So, you’re wondering what happens in these scenarios? Here are some of the various options for an arrested minor (determined by the arresting officer):

  • Return home after a record of the arrest has been made.
  • Go to an agency that will counsel, shelter, and care for the minor for a period.
  • Enter voluntary programs like community service.
  • Go to juvenile hall.
  • He or she may also need to report to a probation officer, if assigned one, and appear in court if asked. Also, minors hold the same rights Miranda Rights – the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney.

    Raising a child is no easy task but we encourage you to do as best you can and recruit any help you feel is necessary so that your child does not slip up and get him or herself arrest – ever.