Bail Money Set in Santa Clarita

How the Amount of Bail Money you Require is Determined

Some crimes have a preset bail. You’re usually told the amount when you’re booked at which point you can figure out if you have the means to cover the amount yourself or if you should use the services of a bail bonds company.

In other cases, you’ll have to wait for a judge to decide how much bail is needed before you are released. In this case, you will go before the judge and you’re defense lawyer and the prosecutor will explain why they feel you should pay a specific amount of bail. The discussion will include your family, your community ties, your personal responsibilities, and your criminal history. Based on the information provided during the bail hearing, the judge will decide on how much bail you owe.

The severity of the charges you face is one of the biggest factors the judge looks at when setting bail. They know that the more severe the charges are, the more likely it becomes that you’ll flee the area rather than argue your case in court. 

If the bail the judge sets is too high for you to raise, your best course of action is to contact Santa Clarita Bail Bonds. For a fee that’s just 10 percent of the set bond, we’ll write a bail bonds check and have you released from jail as quickly as possible. 

Compelling reasons to contact Santa Clarita Bail Bonds include:

  • Flexible payment plans 
  • Simple contracts 
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  • Zero worry about hidden fees 
  • Zero down bail bond 
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  • Discretion 

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Providing False Credit Card Information

There are times when we could all use a little extra money. Adding an additional line of credit to our lives seems like a good way to get it. The problem is that if you’re already overstretched, the credit card companies will likely reject your application. This can prompt some of us to consider providing false credit card information.

Before you start to provide someone with false credit card information you should know about Penal Code 484f PC. This is the law that outlines the consequences of providing false credit card information in California.

If you think providing false credit card information is something that only happens when people lie on credit card applications, you’re wrong. While there are lots of people who do lie when they apply for credit cards, there are many different ways a person can violate the law. Examples of providing false credit card information include:

  • Creating fake debit/credit cards
  • Using a friend/family member’s credit card without first getting their permission
  • Providing a store with a fake credit card number
  • Doing something to alter the numbers on a credit/debit card

If you’re convicted of misdemeanor falsifying credit card information, the maximum sentence is one year in jail and restitution. In felony cases, the maximum sentence is three years in prison.

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