No Money Down Needed at Valencia Bail Bonds

We know that the discount of a bail bond is appreciated, but it isn’t always enough. This is why we provide clients who have approved credit with a special discount. Approved clients can get their bail bond for 0% down. This means that they do not have to make a payment until up to a month after their loved one has been released from jail.

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Discounted Bail Bonds

When looking to get a bail bond, you may see that while bail bonds are cheaper, they can still be a bit expensive. That is why some bail bond companies, like Valencia Bail Bonds, offer their clients an extra discount on the price of the bail bond. We can offer an extra 20% discount on the price of the bail bond. However, we can only offer this discount to qualified individuals, but do not worry.

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Free Consultations

We provide everyone with free consultations with our professional bail agents. Valencia Bail Bond Store has 29 years of experience in helping bail people out of jail. We know how to use this experience so that we can get our clients out of jail faster than any of our competitors can.

Valencia Bail Bonds

Quick Release

Our bail agents do all the hard work for you. Simply give them your loved one’s name, his or her birthday, and the county where he or she was arrested. Our bail agents will find your loved one’s information for you. They have the experience and skill to navigate the county programs to find your loved one’s info quickly.

No Collateral Needed at Valencia Bail Bonds

Here at Valencia Bail Bonds, most of our clients don’t need to pledge collateral. Instead, we accept the signature of a working co-signer as collateral. This way, our clients don’t have to worry about losing a house or vehicle, meaning there is less stress involved

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Valencia Bail Bonds is Always Here For You!

At Valencia Bail Bonds, we provide all of our clients with fast, confidential, and courteous service. We help people get out of every jail and courthouse in California. You can count on our highly trained bail agents to assist you when you need help most. No other bail bonds company can help bail your friend or family member out of jail as quickly as we can.

When you chose Valencia Bail Bonds, you’ll enjoy:

We want you to be released from jail and reunited with your loved ones as quickly as possible.

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This was our first (and hopefully last) experience in posting bail for a loved one. We received our refund check today. Thank you so very much to Jaime for all the help he provided. Whenever we had a question or concern, Jaime was always just a phone call away. He was patient with us, knew the ins and outs of the process well and kept us sane throughout the ordeal. I would certainly recommend Castaic Bail Bonds to others. Jaime was honest, straight-forward and went beyond the extra mile for us.

Again, thank you. What a relief.

– Melanie

“The urgency they created to help me out is the only way a business should be run. I will definitely be paying this wonderful gesture forward. Thank you again.”

– Martha F.

“When I talked to your bail agent on the phone, she was very informative and so pleasant. At the office, your clerk was organized, helpful and kind. I didn’t expect a bail agent to treat me like a human being. I have been telling all my friends and family how great your service is.”

– Lillian M.


Why You Should Pick Valencia Bail Bonds

Our bail agents begin working for their clients the moment they start talking to them. We will not rest until your friend or family member is released from jail and is back home where he or she belongs. You are getting a professional ally when you come to us for help bailing a friend or family member out of jail.

After all of the information has been gathered, our bail agents will begin working with you to figure out payment. Bail bonds can be expensive, but you do not need to break your bank account to rescue your loved one from jail. We will work with you to come up with a customized payment plan that fits your budget.

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